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Simulation-Based Testing for DoD Software

The discipline of software testing is changing to align with the automated processes of Agile DevSecOps.  Automated testing is executed by running test scripts or…

Past Webinars

Model Driven Development

The idea of generating code from models has been implemented in a variety of ways with relative success. Most commercially available tools are UML-based, but…

Cloud Nine, Are We There Yet?

Cloud computing is a paradigm that makes the notion of utility computing a reality. Instead of Information Technology (IT) organizations investing in all of the…

SPRUCE Model Driven Architecture and Design

This webinar was a must-attend for those developing large scale system-of-systems or those engaged in research and development of tools and technologies for model-driven development…

Build and Deliver Software Quality – Six Hard-Won Lessons

Rex Black is the presenter. In this talk, Rex Black will discuss lessons he has learned in over 25 years of software engineering, across the…

Cost Estimation of Agile Projects

Agile has become a popular development methodology in software and systems development in recent years, but how do we tailor our estimation processes to this…

Software Defect Containment: Myths, Methods, and Metrics

Gary Gack