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Upcoming Webinars

Optimization Techniques:  Improving Effectiveness for Defense Simulation Models

When performing defense system analysis with simulation models, a great deal of time and effort are expended, creating representations of real-world scenarios in U.S. Department…

The Art and Science of Metawar

The “metaverse” is the most powerful, addictive, reality distortion machine ever conceived, and it can predict the future.  It is an evolving storytelling environment in…

Past Webinars

System of Systems Capability-to-Requirements Engineering

Presenter: Jo Ann Lane, USC Given an existing set of interconnected, independent systems, often referred to as a system of systems (SoS), one of the…

Partitioning Complexity: Breaking down without breaking down

Complex systems are, in a word, complex. The underlying complexity of a given problem is constant. Complexity can be hidden, but it cannot be eliminated….

Managing Technical Debt

“Technical Debt” refers to delayed technical work that is incurred when technical short cuts are taken, usually in pursuit of calendar-driven software schedules. Just like…

IT Estimation 6 Truths You Must Learn

Software estimation is both art and science. Many good cost software cost estimation models, strategies, tools and techniques exist and are useful. However, estimation for…

Securing Systems through Software Reliability Engineering

Software reliability engineering (SRE) represents a well-established set of techniques for specification and assessment of dependability of software-based systems. Application of these techniques to security…

Model Driven Development

The idea of generating code from models has been implemented in a variety of ways with relative success. Most commercially available tools are UML-based, but…