Quantum Security – Quantum Computing and the Threat to Cybersecurity


Presented: February 15, 2023 12:00 pm
Presented by: Garland Garris

The promise of quantum computing is to revolutionize traditional computing, enabling us to tackle computational challenges previously considered impossible. Quantum computers are ideal for conducting data simulation experiments used in forecasting, chemical modeling, and materials science. The scale and speed at which these simulations operate promise advancement in multiple scientific fields. While the promise of quantum computing can yield great benefits, the flip side is that quantum computing is an existential threat to cybersecurity. Quantum computers are exceptionally good at prime factorization, which is a fundamental component of modern-day cryptographic systems. Governments, corporations, and individuals depend on encryption to protect sensitive data. Due to the potential impact of quantum computing, a great quantum race is occurring, with private and public sector investments exceeding $20 billion in 2021. With release of EO 14028, NSM-08, and NSM-10, the U.S. government has provided guidance for adopting crypto-agility and quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms to prepare for the postquantum era.

In this presentation, we will discuss:

  • Quantum security
  • How governments and industries are pursuing capabilities provisioned by quantum computing and preparing for threats it poses
  • Why this is a now problem, not a future problem
  • Challenges that must be overcome to implement postquantum security




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