DACS Software & Systems Cost and Performance Analysis Toolkit

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Posted: March 14, 2016 | By: Qi Li

Planned Schedule

Currently the toolkit has been presented at several software measurement-related conferences and workshops and has evolved to a beta version as a result of these reviews and comments.  Current plans are to:

  • Make the beta version available for general review and comment by January 15, 2012
  • Solicit comments/suggestions during the rest of January and early February 2012
  • Incorporate comments late in February 2012
  • Roll out the initial release for general access, populated with the SRDR data currently approved for public release in early March 2012.

To obtain additional information about accessing the beta or initial release version or to get the latest information on the toolkit, go to http://www.thedacs.com/databases/SSCPAT/

The following Government personnel are to be acknowledged for their efforts in sanitizing and releasing the Software Resources Data Report Data:

  • Wilson Rosa, Ph.D., Technical Advisor, Information Technology Division, Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
  • Christopher Zember, Deputy Director, DoD Information Analysis Centers, Defense Technical Information Center
  • Paul Engelhart, DACS Contracting Officers Representative, Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate


  1. Toolkit will provide links to participating cost model vendors for more detailed/precise estimates and additional support.


  1. SRDR data contents and format:
  2. Boehm, B., C. Abts, A. Brown, S. Chulani, B. Clark, E. Horowitz, R. Madachy, D. Reifer, and B. Steece. 2000. Software cost estimation with COCOMO II. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

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