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A Brief Side-by-Side Comparison Between C++ and Rust – Part 1-3

This three-part podcast series is a round table discussion between a moderator (Mr. Patch) and two software engineering subject matter experts (Mr. Corley and Dr. Fawcett), and walks through a set of common functions, first…

Rust Programming Language: Addressing Software Development and Program Security Shortfalls

This podcast features a roundtable discussion centered around challenges and benefits of using a new programming language called “Rust,” which can fundamentally improve resilience and survivability of software intensive systems. Rust’s goal is to be…

Introduction to the Rust Programming Language – Rust Models Part 1-5

Rust is a fairly new programming language with the goal of being a safe systems programming language. “Safe” means code generated by Rust is free of memory access and data race vulnerabilities. System programming language…