Rust Programming Language: Addressing Software Development and Program Security Shortfalls

Presented: August 13, 2020 11:00 am
Presented by: Dr. Jim Fawcett

This podcast features a roundtable discussion centered around challenges and benefits of using a new programming language called “Rust,” which can fundamentally improve resilience and survivability of software intensive systems.

Rust’s goal is to be a safe systems programming language. “Safe” means code generated by Rust is free of memory access and data race vulnerabilities. “System programming language” means that Rust programs are fast and able to use platform resources.

During this roundtable discussion, Dr. James Fawcett describes different conceptual models that underlie the Rust programming language. Exemplars are used to illustrate how the models describe aspects of the language for effective use. In this podcast, five core fundamental models are presented: Type Safety; Ownership; Object Model; Generics and Code Structure.

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